Celestial Tarot: Exploring the Mystical Connection Between the Stars and Tarot

Embedded in our night sky are archetypal images, symbols, and stories that have enchanted and inspired the human soul for aeons. From the dawn of civilization, mankind has gazed at the celestial heavens and found solace in the beauty and mystery of the stars. It is within this celestial sanctuary that the concept of Celestial Tarot was born.

Celestial Tarot is a unique Tarot deck that combines the ancient traditions of Astrology, astronomy, and mythology, infused with the modern interpretation of Tarot symbolism. By projecting the Tarot onto the wide canvas of the heavens, Celestial Tarot expands and enriches the meanings of the cards, while also honoring the oldest forms of divination.

The deck consists of 78 cards, with the 22 cards of the Major Arcana represented by the twelve zodiacal constellations and the ten planets of contemporary astrology. Each minor suit in the deck corresponds to one of the four astrological elements. Additionally, the Tarot utilizes the extra-zodiacal constellations in the Minor Arcana, further adding depth and symbolism to each card.

To enhance the spiritual significance, the zodiac is divided into decanates, providing additional insights into each card. The Court Cards feature Princesses who embody the seasons, while the Prince, Queen, and King of each suit represent the mutable, fixed, and cardinal signs of the elements. This symmetrical foundation creates a harmonious and balanced Tarot system.

Renowned Tarot artist Kay Steventon has masterfully brought Celestial Tarot to life, drawing inspiration from Tarot tradition, the works of C.C. Zain and Raphael Binding, and her own artistic intuition. The result is a Tarot deck that not only captivates Tarot enthusiasts but also offers a fascinating new way for astrologers to connect with the constellations and planets.

Celestial Tarot invites the reader to embark on a cosmic journey through imagination and symbolism. Each card is a visual representation of astrological constellations and mythological symbols, awakening the individual’s intuition and tapping into the ancient tradition of astral divination. It serves as a bridge between the earthly and celestial realms, fostering a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between the self and the universe.

Whether you are a Tarot enthusiast, an astrologer, or simply someone seeking to explore the mystical realms of the stars, Celestial Tarot offers a transformative and enlightening experience. It invites you to gaze up at the night sky and recognize the archetypal images and stories that have permeated human consciousness for centuries. Within the celestial tapestry, the Tarot comes alive, offering guidance, inspiration, and a profound connection to the cosmos.

In a world where we often feel disconnected from the natural world and our own spiritual essence, Celestial Tarot serves as a gentle reminder that we are a part of something much greater. It encourages us to look beyond the physical and embrace the celestial wonders that have inspired and enchanted humanity throughout the ages. Let the stars be your guide as you embark on a celestial journey with Celestial Tarot.

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