African Tarot: A Deck of Hope and Understanding

The African Tarot is a deck of hope and understanding that offers a unique perspective on life and spirituality. In a world that has become increasingly disconnected from its roots, this deck aims to reconnect individuals with their sense of belonging and oneness with the world.

For thousands of years, Africans have embraced a consciousness that recognized the significance of all relationships and the interconnection of all aspects of existence – physical, mental, and spiritual. However, the rise of science and technology has prioritized objective rationality, leading to an increasingly unreal world where many may feel a loss of connection and purpose.

In modern societies, there is a palpable dismemberment of the psyche, physical body, and spiritual essence. It is not uncommon to feel powerless in effecting meaningful change in our own lives and the world around us. The African Tarot understands this struggle and offers a path to rediscovering our true selves.

The journey towards new meaning begins from within. By tapping into our untainted, authentic selves, we gain access to the subconscious and higher knowledge that permeates the fabric of life. This profound wisdom empowers us to transform and heal, while also raising the collective consciousness of the world.

The African Tarot acts as a guide on this inward journey. Its cards reveal significant influences from the past, present, and future, providing us with a fresh awareness that enables us to overcome obstacles and achieve self-fulfillment. The deck’s origin in South Africa, a country that has recently emerged from a history of despair and destruction, further emphasizes its relevance and appropriateness.

This Tarot pack serves as a tangible tool that aids in reconnecting with our true selves and the world around us. Its teachings encourage us to embrace our shared consciousness, regain our sense of belonging, and find new meaning in our lives. By embracing the African Tarot, we can embark on a transformative journey towards hope, understanding, and self-fulfillment.

In a world that often feels fragmented and devoid of meaning, the African Tarot offers a powerful reminder of our interconnectedness and the potential for positive change. Let us embark on this journey of self-discovery and rediscover the profound wisdom that lies within each of us.

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