Moon Signs in the Tarot

The Moon rules your emotions, intuition and psychic ability. When looking for emotional compatibility in an Astrological synastry chart, the Moon Sign is one of the main factors considered. Therefore it stands to reason that you will be better equipped to do relationship Tarot readings for yourself if you know your own and your partner/love interest’s Moon Sign as well as which Tarot cards these correspond too.

Before delving into the emotional needs of the 12 Zodiac Signs, it is a good idea to look at the core needs as dictated by the ruling Element for each sign.

FIRE (Wands/Judgement or Aeon) – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Core needs: adventure, individuality, self-expression, risk-taking, spontaneity
Dislikes: routine, responsibility
Turn on: confidence

WATER (Cups/The Hanged Man) – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
Core needs: empathy, romance, creativity, sensitivity, feeling an unspoken bond
Dislikes: criticism, aggression (tend toward passive aggression)
Turn on: Old-school romanticism

AIR (Swords/The Magician) – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Core needs: intellectual compatibility, great conversation, friendship, constantly learning new things
Dislikes: cleanliness, sulking, jealousy
Turn on: Quick wit

EARTH (Pentacles/The World or Universe) – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
Core needs: stability, routine, financial security, reliability, planning ahead
Dislikes: carelessness, risk-taking
Turn on: Reliability (writing/phoning back, showing up on time etc)



Moon in Aries – The Emperor – Likes to rule/be the head of the family, encourages independence, competitive, impulsive.

Moon in Taurus – The Hierophant – Loves routine and tradition, possessive, constant and faithful, loves the good things life (good food, fine wine etc).

Moon in Gemini – The Lovers – Needs constant mental stimulation, great sense of humor, struggles with commitment, likes to play the devil’s advocate.

Moon in Cancer – The Chariot – Hard shell and soft core, selective about who they let in, homebody, nostalgic, sentimental.

Moon in Leo – Strength/Lust – Likes to show off, generous, magnanimous, proud, playful.

Moon in Virgo – The Hermit – Shy, prudent, thoughtful, detail-orientated, critical, concerned with purity.

Moon in Libra – Justice – Fair, concerned with justice, peace and harmony; lover of beauty and aesthetics, ambivalent.

Moon in Scorpio – Death – Passionate, intense, interested in the occult, jealous, magnetic, may struggle with moving on.

Moon in Sagittarius – Temperance – Expansive, love for travel and higher learning, philosophical, spiritual, visionary.

Moon in Capricorn – The Devil – Despondent, lacks faith in self, strives to transcend limitations, easily depressed, can be materialistic, hardworking, great organizer.

Moon in Aquarius – The Star – Friendship is a prerequisite for romance, strives for equality and oneness, needs a lot of space but may not be willing to give same in return, lofty ideals.

Moon in Pisces – The Moon – Known to wear rose-tinted spectacles, willing to sacrifice a lot, forgiving, emotionally manipulative, romantic, intuitive, clingy.

In general Water Moon Signs are most compatible with Earth Moon Signs and Fire Moon Signs with Air Moon Signs but many other factors need to be considered for the full picture and it is good to never write anyone off because they appear to be the wrong sign.

The benefit of having a visual of each Zodiac sign in the Tarot is that you can more easily get a feel for how they interact and surrounding cards can provide further clues about lessons and challenges concerning emotional compatibility.

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